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15 January, 2019

Dish of the day

We are La Fogata a place where the Latin flavors and aromas are in harmony with the passion for cooking and the pleasure of serving. We strive to offer those who visit us a pleasant and memorable experience. We re-interpret traditional Latin cuisine with respect so that each dish we serve combines the purest and most essential ingredient with the freedom to cook for

Today lunch special.

special of the day
Chicken Stew With potatoes, rice, salad and beans or soup

La Fogata Latin Cuisine
La Fogata Latin Cuisine
Somos La Fogata, un lugar donde los sabores y aromas latinos, están en armonía con la pasión por la buena comida y el placer de servir.

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  1. Stefany Karine Vilela Costa says:

    This dish is very tasty, the seasoning is sensational, the ingredients are fresh, none of the tasteless frozen foods. True healthy and tasty food.

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